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About Dana

         Dana is licensed to practice in Washington and admitted to practice  before the U. S. Supreme Court and in  United States Federal Court for the  Western District of Washington.  She is a member of the American Bar, King  County Bar and Washington State Bar Associations.

A graduate of Seattle University School of Law, Dana has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the George  Washington University.  She began her career in local television news, sports and program production at an ABC  affiliate station in Washington, DC.  After working in broadcast cable, radio and television, Dana attended the  American University where she completed a Master of Science in Public Relations.  Following a move to Boston,  Dana worked in communications with an emphasis on publicity, media relations and freelance reporting.  She was active in the Publicity Club of Boston and served on the Board of Directors of the Boston chapter of Women in Communications.

In the public sector, Dana worked as a Public Information Specialist on regulatory issues relating to nuclear energy, nuclear waste, and emergency management planning.  She also participated with a legislative commission charged with developing siting guidelines resulting in the  signing into law of the Massachusetts Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Act.  

Prior to attending law school, Dana worked for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination  investigating complaints of employment discrimination. Dana has an M.B.A. in management from Simmons  College and has worked in management and marketing for nonprofits, and in healthcare, hospitality and the  performing arts.  Dana has completed Professional Mediation Skills training at the University of Washington Law  School and completed Trial Skills training through the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.

An avid sailor, Dana helps raise funds for breast cancer research and the Leukemia And Lymphoma  Society by participating in the Leukemia Cup and the Pink Boat Regatta every year.  In addition, Dana is on the  Board of Directors of Frog Prints e!, a nonprofit organized to facilitate team building and leadership development  with concrete examples in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through the sport of sailing.  When she is  not on the water, Dana is learning to play piano and guitar and dabbling in photography.

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